Noya 10ml Discovery Set

400.00 AED

Noya Gift Box

Enhance your gift-giving with the Noya Gift Box, ideal for adding a personal and elegant touch to perfumes or candles.

200.00 AED

Saffron Dream Scented Candle – 220Grams

285.00 AED

The Moon Shadow Scented Candle – 220Grams

285.00 AED

Winter Sun Scented Candle – 220Grams

285.00 AED

Yes I can

The story of Aphra Behn, the first professional woman writer and playwright. 1670 is the year her first play, The Forc’d Marriage was performed.

600.00 AED

Yes I Can Scented Candle – 220Grams

Yes I Can Scented Candle - 220Grams

285.00 AED

5 Senses 6 Directions

A fragrance created to invigorate all 5 senses, not your typical oud fragrance as it is a calming oud that can be used all year round with a special ingredient that leads you to 6 directions

600.00 AED

Midnight Melody

Evoking the ambiance of a vintage club in Brixton hosting live DJ sets for a never-ending night. The cosmopolitan mind of the place invites to new connection and experiences. Scents of liquors, coffee, tobacco, leather brighten this woody chypre perfume.

600.00 AED

Ode to Oud

The physical aspect of achieving a great goal. This can be symbolic of the mental pressure one feels too when completing a big task or accomplishing something you’ve always had your heart set on

750.00 AED

Saffron Dreams

The simplicity of being young. The safety of a mother and the familiar scents of her cooking. Taking inspiration from the cardamom and coriander scents.

600.00 AED

The Moon Shadow

The feeling of being on an unfamiliar path, but knowing you’re not alone. Literally, the moon is always on your side; figuratively this can be someone or something that has remained a constant in your life.

600.00 AED

The Smoky Amber

The change from old to new. Europe to the Middle East. The start of something new hence the hourglass that fits with the theme of sand, linking back to the Middle East.

600.00 AED

The Velvety Musk

Knowing you can do better even while you’re stuck in a bad situation. The freedom of dreaming when that is all you can do for now

600.00 AED

Winter Sun

Inspired by the holi festival in India

600.00 AED